Why Larga

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Why Choosing Us

At Larga we can take you “off the beaten track” where no body goes, provision of cultural connections with people and places in Tanzania. We can guide in the common park places and luxury tours as well. We are very involved in community work and ecotourism, therefore we custom.and design our safari for all our guests, working with you to develop an itinerary that will fit your needs and preferences to ensure you get the right balance of adventure, learning and recreation from your trip.

  • Custom or packaged safaris to any place in Tanzania
  • Private or group safaris at reasonable costs
  • Over 30 years of experience guiding all over Tanzania.
  • Stay in tents/luxurious lodges or combination of both.
  • Enough number of destinations in Tanzania with incredible diversity of wildlife and amazing land scape.
  • Experienced guides with abilities to interpret and provide as much information as you want about resources

Larga Safari Team

Mr. Alex
Director -Larga Safaris

Mr. Allen
Safari Guides Leader

Mrs. Rosyne
Reservation Officer